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GTA 6 Release Date is Expected to be Before April 2025

Based on Take Two’s latest earning guidance, GTA 6 Release Date is expected to be before April 2025.

GTA 6 Release Date is Expected to be Before April 2025

GTA 6 Release Date is Closer Than We Think

GTA 6 is most expected game of all time, fans were eagerly waiting for announcement and after many speculations, GTA 6 announcement trailer was released at December 2023. In the trailer, Rockstar Games announced that GTA 6 will be available at 2025 but there were no official confirmation whether it’s at the end of 2025 or at the start of 2025. But today, it looks like this information is most likely confirmed.

According to GTAVI_Countdown on Twitter, Rockstar parent company Take Two confirmed in a financial report that they expect to bring $8 billion in revenue at the start of 2025, which ends 31 March.

Take Two has plenty new big releases but $8 billion is a big deal and it most likely mean one thing: GTA 6. Considering that GTA games always made record number of revenue, it’s safe to say that GTA 6 release date is most likely between these dates.

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If this expectation is real and GTA 6 releases at early 2025, this means that we are most likely less than one year close to GTA 6. Of course this date is for consoles, currently Rockstar Games hasn’t said anything about PC release date. Maybe they will focus on PC after the initial release, who knows.

We all know that Rockstar Games always make this separate release date for console and PC for their games but if we consider their amazing job, it’s worth the wait, we can say.

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