[Leak] Red Dead Redemption PC File Size

According to information leaked by videotechuk_ on X, the Red Dead Redemption PC version file size will be 9.17 GB. Although we cannot confirm the accuracy of the information, it is unlikely that we can expect a graphical improvement if the game is really going to be released at this size. It will probably have similar graphics to the PS4 version.

[Leak] Red Dead Redemption PC File Size

Red Dead Redemption PC Version File Size 9.17 GB

At the same time, the PC version of Red Dead Redemption is not the only leaked game. Hints of PC versions of games such as Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy IX Remake, Turok, Last of US Part 2 were also captured.

That’s not all the information leaked from EpicDB, the recently launched SteamDB equivalent. Here you can find all the content that has been revealed. Most games are listed under their original name, although some of them are still codenamed.

Of course, the PC version of Red Dead Redemption has been rumored for a long time. Most recently, insider TezFunz2 discovered changes to Rockstar Games’ website that indicated the game was coming to PC.

Although the company is currently focused on the release of GTA 6, no new announcements have been made about Grand Theft Auto’s 2nd trailer or the game yet.

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