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GTA Vice City Remaster Will be Real With GTA5’s Rage Engine

Revolution Team is currently working on GTA Vice City Remaster with GTA5 Rage Engine.

GTA Vice City Remaster Will be Real With GTA5's Rage Engine

GTA Vice City Remaster Will Happen Thanks to Rage Engine

GTA Vice City is one of Rockstar Games‘ most successfull games. In the GTA Trilogy Bundle, just like other classic GTA games, GTA Vice City didn’t get what it deserved but thanks to Revolution Team, GTA Vice City Remaster will be real.

With the mod developing by Revolution Team with Rage Engine, this Remaster will be faithful to the original game and contain it’s art style. Currently this mod is planned to be released at 2025, just like GTA6.

The mod will have an improved version of the city – and weapons – from the Definitive Edition. All the cars from the Xbox version of the original game will be present here. Additionally, all the models of all characters and peds will be from the Xbox version. From what we know, there are no plans to increase their polygon count. However, all 3D characters will have better textures.

All the original radio stations will also be present in this unofficial remaster. And although the project will have the cutscenes and the style of the original game, it will also pack better particle effects and some lighting improvements.

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In other word, this Remaster hoped to be best for GTA Vice City, just like it deserved.

But there is a little probability that Take-Two might take down that mod, but we hope this won’t happen since it will be mod released for GTA5.

We are looking forward to see more for this mod and hope that it will make it’s launch without any problem.

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