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How many players will Sony lose?

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has frequently expressed its concern about the arrangement, citing the amount of consumers it anticipates would switch from Sony PlayStation to Xbox. But in reality, how many players will Sony lose if Microsoft acquires Activision-Blizzard? According to Microsoft, the corporation is overdoing it in making the Call of Duty franchise exclusive to Xbox and PC.

How much will the PlayStation front suffer if the deal goes through? How many players will Sony lose?

Microsoft shared with Axion that a YouGov poll commissioned in January found that only 3% of all PlayStation users would buy an Xbox if Microsoft pulled Call of Duty from PlayStation.

How many players will Sony lose?

Gamers are divided on the data released. For one, there is a possibility that those who participated in this survey commissioned by MS may have been directed by MS.

Activision-Blizzard lawsuit turns the tide in favor of Microsoft

On the other hand, the survey contradicts research from the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, which estimates that 15 percent of Call of Duty players on PlayStation will switch to Xbox and another nine percent will switch to PC.

Even if Microsoft offers Sony a 10-year deal, the fate of the game on the platform at the end of this period is uncertain. Because even if Sony accepts the deal, even if it has produced an ambitious production for its own platform by the time it expires, it is unclear whether this production will catch on on other platforms.

As Pandora’s box is about to be opened, companies are using their trump cards to the fullest. We hope the decision to be taken will be the best for us gamers.

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