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[Leak] PS5 Pro Specs Revealed

Two reliable insiders revealed PS5 Pro Specs.

[Leak] PS5 Pro Specs Revealed

PS5 Pro Specs Details

PS5 Pro rumors are going around for a very long time, after the launch of Slim version, gamers are eagerly waiting for PS5 Pro Specs to be revealed. Considering PS4 Pro specs, we can say that Sony will beef up specs a lot for PS5 as well. Sony didn’t revealed officially yet but some rumors are spreading around the internet.

Persistent rumors and leaks not only say that PS5 Pro exists, but also launch later this year. Which means the long waited Grand Theft Auto 6 will also be released for PS5 Pro as well. We can also say that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be the system seller game, since gamers are waiting for that game for a very long time.

Recently, more information about PS5 Pro Specs leaked online.¬†According to the reports, the PS5 Pro will feature “rendering 45% faster than PS5, 2-3x Ray-tracing, 33.5 Teraflops, PSSR upscaling/antialiasing solution, custom machine learning architecture, and an AI Accelator supporting 300 TOPS of 8 bit computation/ 67 TFLOPS of 16-bit floating point.” A future version of the PS5 Pro will supposedly support 8K resolution. This information is said to come from leaked documentation that was originally shared in a developer portal.

Also according to Insider Gaming, PS5 Pro devkits have been in the hands of Sony’s first party studios since September of last year, while third parties have had them since January. Pricing information on the PS5 Pro has yet to come to light, but it’s obvious that the device will be pricier than the PS5, which currently retails for $449.99 for the Digital version and $499.99 for the Disc version. Unless PS5 price cuts come along with the PS5 Pro release, one has to imagine that the new console will be north of $500, though it’s unclear exactly how much more expensive it will be.

PS5 Pro is set to be released later this year but due to first party games, this date might get shifted.¬†Sony recently admitted that it didn’t have any new PS5 exclusives on the scale of a God of War Ragnarok or Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on deck for 2024, so it would make some sense to delay the PS5 Pro release date. Perhaps the console will be pushed back so that its launcher is closer to Grand Theft Auto 6’s 2025 release.

Of course these information are based on leak and rumors, so players should take these information with a grain of salt. We will see what Sony will bring us at the future.

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