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New quests of Diablo 4 confirmed

New quests of Diablo 4 just confirmed with two feature is in development, loot filters and elemental resistance rework. With it’s live service, Diablo 4 going through an intense routine of adding new content and adjustments to improve game more.

New quests of Diablo 4 confirmed
New quests of Diablo 4 confirmed

New quests of Diablo 4 will get two new features

Diablo 4 considered the most controversial entry in the franchise but some Diablo 3 features are still available in Diablo 4. One example is the Paragon System, which allows players to spend points to make their characters stronger. Another feature that Diablo 4 inherited from Diablo 3 is the Transmog system, with which players change the appearance of their equipment without losing stats.

Although Blizzard’s ARPG already has several engaging features, others have been much requested, like a Diablo 4 group finder. While this option is yet to come, fans have received updates about two exciting Diablo 4 features.

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Diablo 4 general manager Rod Fergusson confirmed that the development team is working on a loot filter. Players has been asking for this feature, saying that they were tired of picking up items by mistake. Rod Fergusson stated that this feature is in development but no other information so far.

While looting in Diablo 4 is one of the game’s main activities, it can become a nightmare because of screens clogged with items and the impossibility of picking up specific gear. Players has been asking for this feature for a while, it’s good to see that this feature will finally be added to game.

Diablo 4 confirmed two requested feature will be available
New quests of Diablo 4 confirmed

While Rod Fergusson confirmed loot filter will be coming to Diablo 4, community manager Adam PezRadar Fletcher stated that elemental resistance rework is in development as well. This feature will be available in Diablo 4 Season 2.

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While players expressing their feelings towards Diablo 4, it’s good to see developers are caring about opinions and trying to make gaming experience better. The loot filter and elemental resistance rework has not a release date yet but developers will keep players updated.

Diablo 4 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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