[Leak] Resident Evil 9 Delayed Once Again

According to the notable Capcom leaker, Resident Evil 9 once again delayed and it won’t be revealed during this summer.

[Leak] Resident Evil 9 Delayed Once Again

The Resident Evil 9 Controversy

As the days goes by, fans are getting hype for Resident Evil 9. In the last couple of weeks, leakers are claiming information about Resident Evil 9 but since that time, no official confirmation is made yet. With the recent leaks, we learned that Resident Evil 9 will be revealed most likely this summer but another recent leak changed this.

The leaker has walked back on that report, stating in a recent Twitter thread that fans shouldn’t expect Resident Evil 9 to be revealed anytime soon, with the official reveal apparently “further away” than the upcoming summer. The leaker has also apologizing for this back and forth. The same leaker has also shared interesting details about other Resident Evil games in development. Leaker confirmed that Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil Code Veronica X Remakes are in development, said “I’ve talked to many others behind the scenes about this at this point, it’s something I heard over a year ago, think it was going to get out whether I was the one to say it or not, & that’s about it.”

The leaker has also revealed that Resident Evil 1 Remake news are false. Said that “RE:1 is not in any form of development at all right now”

It looks like we won’t see Resident Evil 9 near future. Maybe at the end of 2024, we might get a little teaser but not official release date or something like that. As for the other Resident Evil “remakes”, it looks like we have a lot of Remake games are on the way, we can’t say for sure which one is real but we can confirm that Resident Evil 5 Remake is the most likely that will happen in the future. The rest is just rumors until Capcom confirms it.

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