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Resident Evil 9 May Be Open World

Well known leaker said that Resident Evil 9 will be open world.

Resident Evil 9 May Be Open World

Will Resident Evil 9 be Open World Game?

Capcom is putting a lot of effort in Resident Evil franchise since the first game. After the third game, Resident Evil franchise gone through a lot of change. Become action game rather than survival horror game. Meanwhile, Capcom tried a lot of other styles for the Resident Evil franchise, ongoing online game tries are still going. Capcom wants to make a online game and earn passive income from that, in that way, they released games like Resistance and Reverse. Both failed in very short time. In the mean time, many leaks and rumors are going around about next Resident Evil game. Last year, Capcom didn’t announced any new game, which means this year will be without any new game but announcement can happen.

Dusk Golem, one of famous leakers talked about upcoming games and revealed that Resident Evil 9 will be open world game. Said that their initial goal is use the power of latest version of RE Engine.┬áNow that Dragon’s Dogma 2 has successfully leveraged the RE Engine into a AAA open world experience, both Monster Hunter Wilds and Resident Evil 9 will be looking to build on that achievement, the leaker claimed.

The ambition still remains unclear, considering Resident Evil Village also labeled as open world but in the real world, it was very small world and limited exploration elements. If it will be better than Resident Evil Village, then well made open world can extend the playtime of the game.

Aside from Resident Evil 9, previous leaks revealed that Capcom is also developing at least four other Resident Evil games, still none of them revealed so far. We will see what Capcom will prepare for us.

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