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[Leak] The Sims 5 Map Revealed

The Sims 5 Map has been leaked. The first Sims 5, which is codenamed Project Rene was first revealed at the Beyond The Sims Summit event in October 2022.

[Leak] The Sims 5 Map Revealed

The Sims 5 Map Reveal

Since the first reveal from The Sims 5, Electronic Arts is keeping the next installment of The Sims series is secret as possible. Playtests has been going on since fall of 2022. Meanwhile recent one apparently giving players access to a small part of the game’s in development map.

In a reddit post, one user showed how The Sims 5 Map will look. We have to remind that this seems to be unfinished map. The shared images of a town and its roads were supposedly datamined from a playtest build of The Sims 5 that was leaked recently. User claimed that the images were from an early build of Project Rene that was meant to be a tech demo for the upcoming title’s building functionality. The areas featured in the leak only represent a small part of a much bigger map that was likely based on Paris, as the layouts of the locations match those of France’s historic capital city.

The user also speculated that The Sims 5 might be open world since the playtest build works well on a smartphone. Additionally, there were no UI elements for a travel mechanic, nor were there any string references for traveling to other locations. The Sims 3 and 4 didn’t have open world.

In the past Macis confirmed that The Sims 5 will have multiplayer, but it won’t be like MMO. Around the time Project Rene was announced, the development team said in a blog post that the game would give players the choice to play solo or collaborate with others. Project Rene will also introduce fundamental evolutions with how players create and customize their worlds, as well as with how the games’ eponymous Sims characters behave.

The Sims 5 doesn’t have release date yet or announced platforms, but it was confirmed in a January 2024 developer update that the game is still years away from launch.

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