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[Leak] Until Dawn PS5 and PC Version Will Be Launched

According to the information given by billbil-kun, Until Dawn PS5 and PC version will be available.

[Leak] Until Dawn PS5 and PC Version Will Be Launched

Comeback with Until Dawn PS5 and PC Version

Until Dawn is a action, survival horror and interactive movie game developed by Supermassive Games and it made it’s launch at 2025 for Playstation 3 and 4. After that, the game didn’t launch for any other platform.

Recently, Death Stranding 2’s title revealed by the same leaker and today, the same leaker reveals that Until Dawn PS5 and PC version will make it’s launch.

This information comes from known deals leaker ‘billbil-kun’, who has proven to be spot on when it comes to leaking PS Plus and Game Pass titles ahead of their official announcements. Not only that, but this leaker also correctly leaked the recently released Mortal Kombat 1 before its official reveal.

As posted on French deals site Dealabs, Until Dawn will make it’s back with releasing for Playstation 5 and PC but it’s not clear that if it will be released at the same time or not.

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According to ‘billbil-kun’, this new version of Supermassive Games’ horror title has been in development for a least a year, but it’s not clear if we’re looking a a remaster of a remake of the 2015 original. This new version is said to carry the same title as the original game.

“This is, unfortunately, one of the pieces of information that is still unknown to us”, the leaker wrote on the subject of either a remake or remaster (translated). “If we refer to the title of this new version, we can imagine that it will perhaps and only be a graphical improvement of the game using the latest graphical advances on PS5 as well as on PC. We can therefore decide, without risking being mistaken, that it will be at least a remastered version.”

We are waiting for to see official announcement. Until then, take these information with a grain of salt.

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