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Miserable Ending for One Gamer’s Playstation 5

One gamer shared an unfortunate event of his Playstation 5.

Miserable Ending for One Gamer's Playstation 5

Playstation 5’s End Because of Toddler

We are at the beginning of new year. We hope the new year will be full with joy and happiness for everyone. As for gamers, in this year, we hope to see more good games in gaming world, also not see any unfortunate events in our lives. But it looks like someone already gone through an unfortunate event.

In the AITA Reddit page, someone shared an unfortunate event he is been through.

My10 year old son got a PlayStation for Christmas. My 4 year old nephew stuck a piece of ham in the disc part and tried to turn it on. He also dropped a controller on the hard floor damaging is very slightly. The PlayStation is okay but I rather my sister buy my son a new one and take this one. My sister said I was being ridiculous and that one is still fine. I told my sister unless she buys it I’m not having them over again.

So in this event, we can’t blame anyone, eventually this was not meant to be happened. But is it fair to ask someone to buy new Playstation 5 for this unfortunate event. That’s totally depends on people’s opinions, but we can say that it’s a misfortune.

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