Netflix revealed the Devil May Cry anime teaser

In the recent released teaser from Netflix, Devil May Cry anime announced officially.

Netflix revealed the Devil May Cry anime teaser

Devil May Cry anime became real finally

Devil May Cry is a action adventure, hack & slash franchise originally created by Hideki Kamiya. After the first game, Devil May Cry franchise has been developed by Hideki Itsuno. There are total of 5 Devil May Cry games in the franchise. Also there is one Devil May Cry anime, which was released in 2007.

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The last Devil May Cry game, Devil May Cry 5, took almost 10 years to announce. Fans were desperately waiting for the next game. After a very long wait, Devil May Cry 5 launched at March 8, 2019. After the release of the game, brand new Devil May Cry anime was also announced but no information was given, until this day.

The Devil May Cry anime is expected to be run for five seasons along with eight episodes long. In one of interviews made with Adi Shankar, it’s confirmed that the series will star Dante and Vergil. The producer has enjoyed many successes and milestones, even having the joy of working alongside veteran Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who worked on the Devil May Cry and Resident Evil games, as well as the Devil May Cry anime adaptation produced by Madhouse.

We hope to see more information about the anime very soon.

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