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New boss coming to Hunt: Showdown: Rotjaw

Meet Rotjaw, our first Wild Target hunting those who brave these waters, coming soon to Hunt via a brand-new event ‘Tide of Shadows’.

Hunt: Showdown New boss is Rotjaw

Following huge demand, Crytek is proud to announce that a new Wild Target will be added to Hunt: Showdown. The new Wild Target, Rotjaw, prowls deep water areas stalking any intruders who may stumble upon her. If Hunters do come across her, she will charge through the water, biting and knocking down anyone who dares to come near. Fused to a cage and breaking out of it when she reaches a certain level, Rotjaw will unleash her wrath dealing damage to anyone who tries to stop her.

David Fifield, General Manager of Hunt: Showdown comments:

“We are eager to show off our brand-new Wild Target, Rotjaw. The team put a tremendous amount of care and effort into her initial concept, art, design mechanics, and her backstory tied to our new trilogy of events. We hope she brings a new dynamic to the bayou and that you all are excited as we are about this addition”.

Want to know how to defeat Rotjaw and what lies ahead? Rotjaw is coming soon to the bayou along with a brand-new event, Tide of Shadows. Keep your eyes peeled on Hunt: Showdown’s social channels for what is one of the most anticipated updates yet!

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