New Far Cry game leaked

According to recent rumor, Ubisoft has a new Far Cry game in development, besides Far Cry 7.

New Far Cry game leaked - 1
New Far Cry game leaked

A New Far Cry game leaked

Far Cry is one of Ubisoft’s most popular franchises and there is no doubt that the franchise will continue on it’s way with entries. News are not certain but looks like another Far Cry game is in development.

Insider Gaming previously leaked the existence of Far Cry 7, claiming that the new game will be releasing in 2025 and using the Snowdrop engine as featured in Massive Entertainment’s Division games and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

The report indicated that Far Cry 7 will see some major shake ups to the established Far Cry formula, with players having to race against a 72 hour clock to save their kidnapped family members from a dangerous group called the Sons of Truth. If the report is to be believed, family members can be rescued in any order, but they can also be killed, which will change what happens in the story.

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The Far Cry 7 leaks have yet to be proven, but now a new leak from Insider Gaming has claimed to reveal information on an additional Far Cry project. According to the report, the other Far Cry game is a multiplayer extraction shooter known by the codename Project Maverick.

In it, players can expect typical Far Cry gameplay, with players able to craft new gear and helpful items from the resources they gather in the game world. The new Far Cry game will supposedly feature a headquarters where players can stash items for safekeeping, but otherwise the game’s permadeath system means players lose everything if they die.

New Far Cry game leaked - 2
New Far Cry game leaked

Additional details revealed by the Insider Gaming report state that the Far Cry multiplayer game is set in a fictional version of Alaska, and that it will likely be released before Far Cry 7, with April 2025 pointed to as a possible release month. Fans should wait for official information from Ubisoft before getting too invested in the idea of a Far Cry extraction shooter game, but nothing claimed in the Insider Gaming report seems outlandish.

If the rumors are true, this wouldn’t even be the first time that Far Cry has dabbled in online multiplayer. Most Far Cry games feature co-op of some description, while Far Cry 3 also had traditional competitive multiplayer modes. Ubisoft has had some trouble getting online multiplayer focused games off the ground in recent years, so even after the official announcement comes, fans may want to keep their expectations in check until the new Far Cry game has actually launched.

A Far Cry multiplayer game is rumored to be in development.

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