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New Genshin Impact Quality of Life Feature Revealed

HoYoverse revealed new Genshin Impact Quality of Life feature.

New Genshin Impact Quality of Life Feature Revealed

New Genshin Impact Quality of Life Change Will Make Things Easier for New Players

Genshin Impact is available for 3 years right now and ever since the first launch, developers kept the game updated and revealed new locations. Aside from that, developers always tried to make the game better for all players, from new to old players. Quality of life features are needed for all ongoing games.

HoYoverse has confirmed that Genshin Impact’s version 4.5 will introduce the Training Guide feature, which helps players build their characters by offering personalized recommendations. As per the description, this in game tool collects data from active players on the server and provides Travelers with some instructions.

It shows commonly used weapons for units, recommending artifact configurations that can beef up the character’s performance. Furthermore, the Training Guide displays all the materials required for upgrading Talents. One thing to note is that Travelers can find this feature in the Paimon menu.

This new Genshin Impact quality of life feature will make new players to understand and build their characters easier. When new set or weapon released, old character build can change during that time. New set or weapon can be better for that character, that’s why this data would help new players to build their characters easier.

HoYoverse did the same feature for artifact selection and talent level priority.

Genshin Impact quality of life feature keeps making the game better for all players. At March 1, Genshin Impact 4.5 Special Program will happen, we will see what HoYoverse prepares for all of us.

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