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New Starfield mod makes crafting easier

One Starfield mod makes workbenches much more functional. Thanks to this mod, one of key pieces of Starfield becomes easier.

New Starfield mod makes crafting easier

This Starfield mod changes everything

Most players are upset about Starfield’s user interface. Crafting is one of the essential things you can do in Starfield, yet so painful. But thanks to Starfield mod that released, this changed, at least for PC players.

The StarUI mod proved an instant success with players who wanted a cleaner, more modern interface than the one which the game launched with. That initial mod, StarUI Inventory, improved the inventory menu. Later in September, another mod, StarUI HUD, made similar changes to the game’s heads up display, allowing for more detailed loot menus and the ability to recolor your HUD widgets such as the radar.

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Now, the creator of this mod, released third mod, which improves the functionality of Starfield’s workbenches. The StarUI Workbench mod makes several improvements that result in the game’s crafting experience being made much more intuitive.

The biggest advantage of using this mos is that view stats on the same screen. This is better than the original game, since you have to click forward and backward between menus in order to compare stats.

New Starfield mod makes crafting easier

Finding what you need as quickly as possible when crafting is further improved thanks to the added ability to sort items via their stats, and the ability to display only crafting mods that fit the item you’re working on. You can also tag specific items to keep track of them during the crafting process, and recolor both the workbenches themselves, and their UI elements.

Sadly, official Starfield modding tools are not released yet. Because of that, this Starfield mod is only available for retail copies of the game on PC. That means that if you’re playing the game on either Xbox consoles, cloud streaming, or on PC via Game Pass, you can’t yet install mods.

Starfield is out for Xbox Series X|S and Steam.

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