Starfield mod that helps you build ships easier

A player build a Starfield mod that makes ship building easier. Here is the details.

Starfield mod that helps you build ships easier

This Starfield mod will help you a lot

Starfield made a huge success even if the real release is not made yet and thanks to modding community, Starfield modders make a lot of good stuff.

Todd Howard announced in 2021 that Starfield would have mod support, which excited players considering Bethesda’s track record. The studio has games with high customization levels, Skyrim being the most notable example.

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With Skyrim having so much inspiration for Starfield, there is huge potential for modders to create planets from scratch, each with their own characteristics. Players are already touching the surface of this potential, making Starfield hit yet another milestone with an impressive amount of mod downloads.

One player created a mod that improves Starfield’s ship building. Named Ship Builder Tweaks, the mod available on Nexus Mods has more than 5,000 downloads. The mod makes the controls and overall experience of the Starfield ship builder more responsive and straightforward.

Starfield mod that helps you build ships easier

Ship Builder Tweaks also allow players to zoom further in and faster, pan and rotate faster, reduce snapping distances, and add more floors. To install the mod, players can follow a simple set of instructions and have access to the features.

Starfield players can customize their ships by buying parts with credits, saving pilots, or destroying enemy ships. With the parts obtained, players can create Starfield ships for any kind of situation.

Starfield is available now in early access and officially launches September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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