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Nvidia AI GPU Revealed

In the Global Technology Conference, Nvidia AI GPU revealed by the company. In this conference we had a chance to look into new look at some powerful next gen GPUs.

Nvidia AI GPU Revealed

Nvidia AI GPU Are Here

Over the last several decades, Nvidia kept bringing new generation, powerful and performance driven products. Each new product released by Nvidia helped to increase the experience for customers and with this new technology, game developers also bring impressive games in each year.

The arrival of artificial intelligence prompted Nvidia to start tinkering with new technologies, creating even more powerful products and impressive AI generative tools. At the Global Technology Conference, Nvidia showcased its upcoming Blackwell AI GPUs.

Blackwell GPUs will feature HBM3e memory, upgraded specs, and other enhanced features. According to reports, the new generation of GPUs may utilize a chiplet (MCM) design or a classic design for the time being, then move on to a multi package revision in 2025. Reports claim the new GPUs may replace the H100 in terms of popularity. The accelerator will supposedly feature better memory capabilities as well as 16-Hi stacks. Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly continue to be a focus for the company, something Nvidia was actually sued over earlier in 2024.

There are a plethora of options when it comes to choosing an Nvidia GPU, with the 4090 series holding a tight grip on top of a lot of gamer’s wishlists. The best Nvidia 4090 GPUs are simply unmatched by competitors such as Intel and AMD when it comes to performance.

As part of this new shift into AI, several upcoming games will use AI technology to further engage players, thanks to new generative tools from Nvidia. World of Jade Dynasty from developer Perfect World Games will use Nvidia’s stunning Audio2Face toolset to produce high detailed lip syncing capabilities. This impressive, new age Nvidia technology will also be used to accurately portray facial movements for other games like RealityArts Studio and Toplitz Productions’ Unwake, indicating that artificial intelligence is here to stay. Along with hardware, Nvidia also maintains several pieces of useful software, such as GeForce Now.

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