Outcast A New Beginning combat trailer released

Outcast A New Beginning got brand new trailer showcasing the combat.

Outcast: A New Beginning combat trailer released

Outcast A New Beginning combat trailer

Outcast A New Beginning is a game developing by Appeal Studios and publishing by THQ Nordic. This game got brand new trailer which showcases the combat of the game.

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The new combat trailer showcases the dynamic and strategic elements that await you in this immersive gaming experience. Modify your weapons on the fly, harness powerful gadgets and ancient abilities, and tame the local wildlife to drive back the invaders.

  • Modular Gun – Throughout the game, you’ll find more than 30 different weapon modules that change the behavior of your gun. Combine modules to try different combat styles. With 24 different modules (eight are doubled) and up to six weapon slots, the number of combinations is massive. Spoiler: it’s over 9000. If we consider all possible options, we’re talking 906.192 combinations—feel free to do the math.
  • Shield – Use your shield to defend yourself—or to attack. It works both as an offensive and defensive weapon.
  • Jetpack – Your jetpack allows you to travel quickly but also aids in combat. Upgrade it as you progress through the game.
  • Talan Powers – You’ll acquire helpful abilities by finishing a village quest – like anti-gravity powers or flying creatures dropping bombs on enemies. Those powers are a part of the natural ecosystem of Adelpha. But keep in mind: The better the job you did in helping those villages, the stronger your powers will be.

Outcast A New Beginning is in development for PS5, Xbox Series and PC. A release date is not revealed yet.

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