PlayStation 5 Development Kit Sold for 6.5K

One of Sony’s rare PlayStation 5 Development Kits has gone on sale with a rather unusual theme. Under the name “PizzaStation 5 Development Pizza Kit”, this special edition was designed as a PS5-themed pizza oven and fetched a hefty price tag.

PlayStation 5 Development Kit Secretly Sold for 6.5K

A user on the X platform, consolevariations, reported that this unique PlayStation 5 Development Kit has been turned into a pizza oven and sold for 6050 Euros. Companies like Sony and Microsoft produce specially designed development kits for developers to test new game consoles before they are released.

These kits contain proprietary additions to the development process and are not normally sold to anyone other than the developers. Protected by confidentiality agreements and strict controls, the resale of these kits is usually prohibited. However, this product, dubbed the “PizzaStation 5 Development Pizza Kit”, bypassed Sony’s standard audit processes and was released to the market.

The sale comes shortly after the PlayStation 5 Pro’s development kit and specs were revealed. In March 2024, the expected specifications for the PlayStation 5 Pro were made public, demonstrating Sony’s innovative approach to the next generation of consoles.

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