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Pokemon Legends Z-A Announced

As is now customary, Pokemon Presents has lost a bit of credibility. What fans want to see is second-generation, black and white games and, of course, a remake of Pokemon Legends. Finally, what fans want to see is a new Pokemon Legends game in development in the Kalos region. The game has been announced as Pokemon Legends Z-A.

Pokemon Legends Z-A Coming in 2025

The trailer itself didn’t reveal too much information, but it looks like it’s being touted as an evolution on the mobile gaming side. Some fans may have noticed that Mega Evolutions was also introduced in the trailer, where various Pokemon are present in the background and transformed into the new logo.

Pokemon Legends Z-A Coming in 2025
Pokemon Legends Z-A Coming in 2025

When the release date was announced as 2025, the question “Will it be one of the Nintendo Switch 2’s debut games?” naturally came to mind. But it was confirmed that the game will come to the current Nintendo Switch. This created a disappointment among fans. As it will be remembered, the last Legends games were criticised for their low graphics and low performance.

On the other hand, if we go back to the trailer again; unfortunately, no gameplay footage, in-game footage or any other details about the game were shared.

Pokemon Legends Z-A will be presented to us in 2025 and will go on sale for the Nintendo Switch console. Other details about the game will be shared in other presentations in the future.

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