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Remedy Has Revealed New Details About Max Payne Remakes

The recent news revealed that Max Payne Remakes budget is the same as Alan Wake 2.

Remedy Has Revealed New Details About Max Payne Remakes

More News About Max Payne Remakes

Max Payne Remakes are one of the most anticipated games currently. After the release of third game, Max Payne series is in hiatus for a very long time. But in April 2022, Remedy has revealed Max Payne Remakes. Back then, the project was described as still being in a concept stage, which started as soon as Rockstar, the owner of the IP, agreed to finance its development.

And while Remedy has been describing the upcoming reimaginings as a AAA initiative from day one, the studio has now shared some new insight into the exact size of the budget that Rockstar had approved. As part of Remedy’s latest financial report for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year 2023, the company revealed that the Max Payne remakes have been treated to a “similar development budget as Alan Wake 2.”

According to recent analsyt estimates, Alan Wake 2’s total development cost is around $75 million. Remedy’s latest financial report hence implies that Rockstar earmarked roughly $55 million for the development of the Max Payne remakes.

While there is no doubt that a triple A release of this sort will also have a sizable marketing budget, Remedy’s Alan Wake 2 comparison likely didn’t account for it. That’s because Rockstar is the one who will be publishing the remakes, with the implication being that the GTA maker will be handling all related marketing costs directly, making them not part of Remedy’s stated project budget. The studio previously confirmed that the two reimaginings are planned to be released as a single game, which made many fans hopeful that the Max Payne remakes would offer great value for money.

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Remedy’s latest earnings report also offered yet another update on the status of the Max Payne remakes. Remedy said that its team has made “considerable progress” on the upcoming games throughout 2023, and that it expects them to “advance to the next stages of development” together with Condor and Control 2 in the first half of 2024.

Back in October, Remedy said that the Max Payne remakes have entered pre production, so this latest update implies that the games are finally on the verge of starting active development no later than early summer 2024. Between that and the studio’s past development estimates, a late 2026 or early 2027 release seems to be on the cards for the Max Payne remakes, assuming no major delays take place.

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