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Remedy Revealed that Fans Don’t Have to Wait Longer for New Games

Remedy has revealed that fans won’t need to wait longer for new Alan Wake and Control games.

Remedy Revealed that Fans Don't Have to Wait Longer for New Games

Remedy Revealed, Alan Wake 3 and Control 2 Closer Than We Think

Remedy Entertainment kept bringing a lot of unique stories for a very long time, from Max Payne to Quantum Break, their works were always fascinating. When it comes to making sequels, Remedy had hard time, Alan Wake 2 released 13 years later after the first game. Of course this was not the choice of Remedy, financial status was not enough to develop the game but eventually outcome was this late release.

We are lucky and greatfull to see the success of Alan Wake 2, that’s why next Remedy games will be developed sooner than we think.┬áRecent comments from Remedy’s CEO, Tero Virtala, have hinted that the developer is looking to expand both franchises consistently in order to grow a vast, connected universe. With Alan Wake 2 being Remedy’s fastest selling game and the studio recently gaining full ownership of the Control IP, the future of both games are high priorities for Remedy.

Virtala made it clear in recent statements that Remedy is aiming for more frequent sequels, promising shorter wait times between games. “With Alan Wake and Control we now have two established franchises, and our ambition is to grow them into franchises that have high brand recognition, steadily growing user base, more regular cadence of sequels and an ability to generate revenues and profits at a high level,” Virtala said in Remedy’s recent financial reports.

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Control’s in development sequel and multiplayer spin off, in addition to Alan Wake 2’s upcoming DLCs, is a clear example of Remedy wishing to expand both franchises as much as possible. As further proof of Remedy wanting to grow its connected in game universe, Virtala also revealed that sales for Alan Wake 2 have been great, meaning that the demand for more Alan Wake games is definitely there.

After 13 years since its first chapter, it’s impressive that Alan Wake 2 was able to achieve such a successful comeback for the series. With the stories of Alan Wake 2 and Control being intertwined, it makes sense that Remedy would want to focus on growing these franchises further. The Alan Wake games and Control hold some of the most compelling stories in modern gaming, and it will be exciting to see how Remedy chooses to evolve the game’s fascinating lore as the studio dives deeper into these worlds.

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