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Remedy Reveals New Details About Upcoming Control Game

Recently Remedy shared more information about upcoming Control Game, which is Codename Condor.

Remedy Reveals New Details About Upcoming Control Game

More Information about Upcoming Control Game

Control was originally released by Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games back in 2019. Set in the same universe as Alan Wake, Control was quickly praised by both gamers and critics due to its unique gameplay and engaging story. At the moment, Control does not have an official sequel, but the upcoming Codename Condor is set to explore more of the game’s themes and locations.

According to the Remedy’s recent financial reports, more details about upcoming Control game revealed. According to the studio, the game has a budget of around $27 million, and it’s being built with Remedy’s in house Northlight engine, which was also used for Alan Wake 2. The title is in pre production right now and will be released for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Also, it will not be a free to play game, as Remedy confirmed that it will have “a lower initial price point” than the average AAA game, but will bring the company more revenue with updates, full blown expansions, and possibly microtransactions.

All Control Game Details

  • Control spin-off will be a co op multiplayer “service-based” game.
  • Codename Condor is being built using Remedy’s in house Northlight engine.
  • Codename Condor will not be a free to play title, and will possibly have microtransactions.
  • Codename Condor entering full production this year for PC, PS5, and Xbox X/S.

Microtransactions and not being free game may not please some players but Codename Condor will be a part of Remedy’s shared universe, so it’s likely that it will interest fans. According to Remedy, the story of Codename Condor will happen after the events of Control. In the story, players will explore the depths of the Oldest House, a place where “dangerous supernatural forces” are active.

Codename Condor is not the only part of Remedy’s upcoming game releases. A few days ago, Remedy shared plans for Control and Alan Wake, revealing that the devs intend to release more frequent sequels for both franchises in the future. Before all that, however, Alan Wake 2 still has two DLCs that will be released sometime during 2024: “Night Springs” and “The Lake House.”

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