Resident Evil Village, Path Tracing Mod with RTX 4080

Capcom’s popular survival horror game Resident Evil Village has been updated with Path Tracing lighting technology, maximizing its graphics using the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080. This modification significantly improves the visual quality of the game, making the gameplay experience more realistic and immersive.

Resident Evil Village Runs 60 FPS in Path Tracing Mode with RTX 4080

A newly discovered experimental Path Tracing option can dramatically change the visual perception of games like Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Resident Evil 4 Remake using Capcom’s RE Engine. In Resident Evil Village, the method replaces all traditional lighting, reflection and shadow rendering techniques, making the game look more realistic. The technology is especially impressive when run at 4K resolution and DLSS 3.7 Quality Mode on RTX 4080 at 60 frames per hour or more.

The tests performed and images shown were provided by YouTube channel MxBenchmarkPC. With the mode enabled, the most noticeable improvements are generally seen in Global Illumination and shadow detail. However, the mode can produce a noisier image, and the lack of denoiser features like NVIDIA’s Ray Reconstruction technology suggests that the visuals could be improved with more tweaks and official support.

Switching to Path Tracing mode results in a performance hit of around 60-65%. This suggests that a powerful GPU like the RTX 4080 is required to make it playable at 4K resolution, plus performance-enhancing features like DLSS 3 Frame Generation should be enabled.

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