Skate The Next Generation Skateboarding Experience

In recent days, Electronic Arts has been keeping social media busy with cryptic messages about the mysterious (and fictional) M-Corp corporation in San Amsterdam for the upcoming open-world skateboarding game Skate. These teasers feature old-school pop-ups and retro graphics, complete with the appearance of a website with a 1990s aesthetic.

Excitement Builds for Skate Console Tests

It’s been almost 15 years since the last Skate game was released; Skate 3 was released in 2010. But in recent years, Electronic Arts has been working to breathe new life into the beloved skateboarding series.
The new Skate game will offer players a brand new open-world experience that is in keeping with the tone and atmosphere of the Skate series they’ve come to know and love over the years. At Summer Game Fest, a new trailer was released showing EA’s progress on the game’s development.

After the M-Corp charade, Electronic Arts released the real trailer, revealing everything to expect from the series. It was also confirmed that playtesting (console) will take place in the Fall.

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