Guide for Little Alchemy 2 Combinations

Little Alchemy 2 is an interesting crafting game developed by Recloak. In this guide, we shared all Little Alchemy 2 combinations for crafting.

Little Alchemy 2 is an intuitive crafting game developed by Recloak. The goal is to combine items to create new ones. Start by combining earth, air, fire and water to produce new elements. Think logically about the items you combine. Discover over 700 items and unlock recipes for time, matter and universe.

Guide for Little Alchemy 2 Combinations
Little Alchemy 2 combinations

Little Alchemy 2 combinations

In Little Alchemy 2, Time is one of the most important elements. Players can make up to 20 new elements by using Time. However, to unlock Time you will need to hit a certain milestone in the game.

Here is the more information about Little Alchemy Online.

Time is not like any other elements or ingredients you can make in Little Alchemy 2. You can discover any of the other items by just combining elements together. But you can’t do that with time. You can only unlock time by fulfilling a certain progress requirement. That requirement is, discovering a total of 100 elements.

Little Alchemy 2 combinations - 4
Little Alchemy 2 combinations

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You can discover new elements by combining what you currently have. That means, you simply have to keep combining and discovering new elements and then time will be unlocked for you. Though, it can take quite a while to do this task if you are not familiar with the combinations and elements.

You can read read the combinations down below and see which ones do you need in order to get what you want.

Guide for Little Alchemy 2 Combinations - 2
Little Alchemy 2 combinations
  • Fire and Fire to make Energy.
  • Earth and Fire to make Lava.
  • Earth and Water to make Mud.
  • Water and Water to make Puddle.
  • Puddle and Puddle to make Pond.
  • Pond and Pond to make Lake.
  • Lake and Lake to make Sea.
  • Sea and Earth to make Primordial Soup.
  • Primordial Soup and Energy to make Life.
  • Air and Air to make Pressure.
  • Air and Pressure to make Wind.
  • Earth and Earth to make Land.
  • Land and Land to make Continent.
  • Continent and Continent to make Planet.
  • Planet and Air to make Atmosphere.
  • Atmosphere and Water to make Cloud.
  • Cloud and Water to make Rain.
  • Life and Land to make Animal and Soil.
  • Soil and Rain to make Plant.
  • Plant and Earth to make Grass.
  • Plant and Fire to make Ash and Tobacco.
  • Cloud and Plant to make Cotton.
  • Cotton and Cotton to make Thread.
  • Lava and Air to make Stone.
  • Stone and Mud to make Clay.
  • Clay and Life to make Human.
  • Human and Human to make Love and Family.
  • Animal and Air to make Bird.
  • Planet and Fire to make Sun.
  • Sun and Plant to make Sunflower and Oxygen.
  • Human and Stone to make Tool.
  • Tool and Sun to make SolarCell and Sundial.
  • Life and Fire to make Phoenix.
  • Phoenix and Phoenix to make Egg.
  • Mud and Fire to make Brick.
  • Brick and Brick to make Wall.
  • Wall and Wall to make House.
  • Sea and Egg to make Roe and Fish.
  • Bird and Wall to make Birdhouse and Birdcage.
  • Bird and House to make Nest.
  • Metal and Stone to make Blade.
  • Blade and Human to make Corpse and Blood.
  • Blade and Metal to make Sword.
  • Sword and Human to make Warrior.
  • Grass and Wall to make Fence and Ivy.
  • Sun and Water to make Rainbow.
  • Rainbow and Bird to make Peacock and Toucan.
  • Plant and Rainbow to make Flower.
  • Flower and Animal to make Bee and Butterfly.
  • Lava and Pressure to make Eruption and Granite.
  • Flower and Wind to make Leaf and Pollen.
  • Plant and Human to make Farmer.
  • House and Farmer to make Farm.
  • Farm and House to make Barn.
  • Barn and Animal to make Livestock.
  • Livestock and Barn to make Cow and Horse.
  • Earth and Metal to make Plow.
  • Plow and Earth to make Field.
  • Barn and Egg to make Chicken.
  • Chicken and Water to make Duck and Chicken Soup.
  • Egg and Chicken to make Philosophy.
  • Philosophy and House to make Container.
  • Container and Flower to make Garden and Vase.
  • Container and Nest to make Tree.
  • Tree and Farmer to make Fruit and Nuts.
  • Sword and Tree to make Wood.
  • Wood and Container to make Fireplace and Bucket.
  • Wood and Fire to make Campfire and Charcoal.
  • Campfire and House to make BBQ.
  • Tool and Tool to make Machine.
  • Machine and Thread to make Fabric and Sewing Machine
  • Animal and Human to make Domestication.
  • Domestication and Plant to make Vegetable.
  • Vegetable and Human to make Cook.

How to make philosophy in Little Alchemy 2

You can make Philosophy with combining Egg and Chicken.

How to make grass in Little Alchemy 2

You can make Grass with combining Plant and Earth.

Guide for Little Alchemy 2 Combinations - 3
Little Alchemy 2 combinations

How to make immortality in Little Alchemy 2

Players can’t make Immortality in Little Alchemy 2. Instead, it comes as an item in the Myths and Monsters pack. To use immortality in your game, you’ll need to purchase and install the Myths and Monsters pack on a supported device.

Furthermore, immortality has no recipe, just like water or air. Instead, it comes as one of the four essential items being evil, good, monster, and Immortality.

You can play the here.

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