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Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb

Sniper Elite 5 has so many different weapon types. Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb is one of them. In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about Rat Bomb from Sniper Elite 5.

The Mission 4 Kill Challenge in Sniper Elite 5 instruct players to kill Ehrlich using a rat bomb, those who successfully complete it will unlock the Machine Pist.44 SMG.

While obtaining a Rat Bomb is quite straighforward, as one can be found behind the Resistance Member at the beginning of the level, using it to dispatch Ehrlich can be a bit confusing.

Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb
Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb

How do you use Sniper Elite 5 rat bomb?

First, you need to sneak into the building where Matthaus Ehrlich resides. After entering the building, player will see the outlines of several white rats on the ground. They should approach one and interact with it to plant the bomb, making sure to remain undetected.

When that job is done, player should simply wait for Ehrlich to finish his conversation with Dietrich, at which point he should wander around the building, locate the rat and detonate the rat bomb itself.

Don’t forget that if you couldn’t kill Ehrlich using this method, there are couple of other options that you can follow as well.

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The first is plant rat bomb near the entrance to building, whistle to catch Ehrlich’s attention and then just stand outside. From this position, you can simply shoot the rat using your rifle and detonating it when the target is nearby and complete the kill challenge.

The other option is engage Ehrlich directly and pacify him. Player can carry the unconscious character into the room with the rat outlines and place him on the ground next to one.

From there, you can simply set the bomb, get some distance from it and then detonate the explosive with a ranged weapon and complete your challenge to unlock the weapon.

Put the rat under the shelves
Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb

Where are the rat bombs in Sniper 5?

All players begin the game without Rat Bomb. As they progress through game, Mission 4 War Factory kill challenge requires to have a bomb. The bomb is available at the beginning but easy to miss.

You can easily find the Rat Bomb placed on the dresser next to the Resistance HQ exit. If you miss the bomb, there is a resistance member next to the dresser who will talk about the Rat Bomb. You can also interact with another resistance member outside the HQ who will give you more information about your target, Ehrlich.

How do you poison someone in Sniper Elite 5?

Sniper Elite 5, Mission 6 Liberation Kill Challenge requires you to kill Jaan Trautman with poison. To complete this Kill Challenge, you have to remain stealthy. When you approach room where belongs to Jaan Troutman, just stay crouched and approach the table next to his door.

You can interact with the glass to pour poison into it. Once you poisoned the drink, interact with the small bell next to it to alert Jaan that his food is ready. Once you did it, quickly move and hide.

And that’s it for our article about Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb and Kill Challenge which is an award winner game. We hope this article is helpful for you to finish your challenge and keep having fun from Sniper Elite 5.

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