Star Citizen is Free to Play for a Limited Time

Star Citizen, space MMO from Cloud Imperium Games is currently free to play for a limited time.

Star Citizen is Free to Play for a Limited Time

You Can Try the Star Citizen for Free

Star Citizen is in development for almost 12 years and it came with a lot of controversies. Over those years, it’s accrued hundreds of millions of dollars from crowdfunders and investors alike. Despite all, the game doesn’t have certain release date yet. That hasn’t stopped Star Citizen from breaking fundraising records, though, as the game recently raised $3.5 million in just 24 hours. Regardless of the contention surrounding it, this goes to show that Star Citizen still maintains a dedicated fanbase to this day.

In a official announcement, it’s been revealed that Star Citizen is free to play from May 17 to May 29. The free trial is intended to tie in with Star Citizen’s Invictus Launch Week celebrations, which happen around the same time annually. This year’s event not only gives gamers the opportunity to play Star Citizen for free for a limited time, it also allows them to test out the 87 military vehicles in the game at no additional cost. In addition, those who use referral codes to invite their friends to play Star Citizen during the Invictus Launch Week will be granted an additional 5,000 United Earth Credits.

After the free trial date ends, players who want to keep playing the game will have to buy package that includes both a digital download for the MMO and a spaceship of some sort, among other things. Which is starts from $45. Some ships are too expensive in Star Citizen though.

The last few months have been a rather interesting time for Star Citizen, in both a positive and negative way. On one hand, Cloud Imperium Games recently released a huge Alpha update that added the first native animals to the game, which impressed many fans. On the other, though, the developers behind the ambitious MMO were just hit with layoffs and accusations of workplace toxicity. Regardless of whether it’s good or bad news, it seems like Star Citizen will remain a hot topic within the gaming community until it makes full release.

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