Starfield players found a easy way to farm credits

Starfield is out for players who bought early access. In the mean time, players can be anxious to explore many worlds. The best way to get an early start in the game is not neglecting outpost system.

Starfield players found a easy way to farm credits

Starfield player point out to easy farm credit strategy

The ability to customize ships and create outposts in Starfield comes from Fallout 4‘s settlements, both serving as the Starfield equivalent of the feature, as well as its next design iteration. In addition to the home that characters can obtain by selecting the related trait during character creation in Starfield, players can also make their mark on the stars by planting down an outpost on a resource rich planet.

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Earning credits in Starfield is important for those who wish to build a formidable space faring vessel, as ships and ship parts don’t come cheap. Depending on the choice of difficulty, Starfield’s space combat isn’t for the faint of heart, and players may find themselves running away from a hard fights during the early hours of the game, as opposed to trying to take on the Crimson Fleet with brute force.

The player who made this suggestion is pretty simple: players should build an outpost as soon as they can, and it doesn’t have to be overly complex. An auto miner, solid storage, power, and item storage are all players need in order to gain a convenient source of passive income, as well as a place to store their contraband.

Unlike other Bethesda titles, contraband in Starfield represents an item category that may not necessarily be stolen goods, but they are illegal goods nonetheless. Before finding a way to smuggle contraband in their ship, keeping it secure in an outpost in Starfield is a prudent choice for players to make.

Starfield players found a easy way to farm credits

Aside from credits, the other important currency of Starfield is experience. Eating the right meals, as well as sleeping in an available bed, are some of the best ways to maximize a player’s experience gain in Starfield. Leveling up, unlocks more perks, and though the enemies scale with the main character to a certain degree, many players will find the combat in Starfield to become easier the higher in level they go.

Unlike Fallout 4, there is no quest for unlocking outposts, and players can simply build an outpost in Starfield by landing on the planet of their choice, firing up their scanner, and setting down an outpost beacon through the instructions on the HUD.

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In the late game, Starfield players will be able to connect their outposts across multiple planets to form a well oiled machine. But having a way to consistently farm resources in Starfield such as iron and aluminum shouldn’t be overlooked.

Starfield is now available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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