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Starfield release date announced

Bethesda, science fiction RPG game, Starfield release date announced as 6th of September. Therefore, there will be a showcase on 11 June before its release.

Starfield release date 6 September 2023

The long-awaited release of Starfield is eagerly awaited by fans. Previous leaks predicted that the game would be released in the first half of 2023. However, these leaks were refuted with the announced date. A preview / presentation will be held on 11 June for the game to be released in September.

According to director Todd Howard’s statement, the game was extremely big and they were playing it continuously. Even he was surprised by the work that came out and believes that it will offer a unique experience to the players.

Starfield release date announced


Set in a region called The Settled Systems, which is approximately 50 light years away from the Solar System, the events are set 20 years after a war that took place in 2310. The United Colonies and the Freestar Collective are engaged in a conflict called the Colony War. After the war, peace was made, but the unrest in the environment still continues. We embark on a mission as a member of the Constellation, an organisation of space explorers.

Starfield will be released for Xbox Series X/S and PC on 6 September.

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