Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown PC Demo Online

NACON has released a PC demo of its highly anticipated open-world racing game Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. This demo is currently available for download on Steam and allows you to experience the upcoming game.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown PC Demo Online

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown PC Demo Released

Interestingly, NACON and KT Racing have not yet announced the game’s PC system requirements. It is also unknown whether the game will support technologies such as NVIDIA DLSS, AMD FSR or Intel XeSS. We’ll have to look at the demo’s PC settings to find out this information.

The demo will end on June 17th, during Steam Next Fest. This means you won’t be able to download and play the demo after June 18th. The demo has no time limit and features “hand-picked content” designed to give players a taste of what the full game has to offer. The demo will include 9 of the 14 regions, the first 15 progression levels, 16 vehicles available for purchase, 22 additional vehicles for the Test Drive, 27 races, and the Streets and Sharps clan headquarters.

You can download and experience the demo on Steam. NACON will release Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown on September 12th.

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