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The Day Before Servers Shutting Down

The controversial The Day Before servers are shutting down at January 22, 2024.

The Day Before Servers Shutting Down

Last Days to Play The Day Before

The Day Before was surrounded by a plethora of controversies. One of the primary allegations was that the game initially claimed to be an MMO, but upon its release, players realized it did not live up to that promise. Instead, The Day Before turned out to be more similar to an extraction shooter, failing to meet the expectations set by the developers. The Day Before proved to be a commercial failure, ultimately leading to the closure of the entire development studio.

After the release, The Day Before reached it’s bitter end and recently, Fntastic’s official closure, the publisher will be forced to close The Day Before’s servers on January 22, 2024. “Without a development team, we had no alternative choice but to officially close the project,” expressed Mytona in the announcement.

Unsurprisingly, the announcement was met with a wave of negative reactions from disappointed players. Some players lamented the failure of the project and called for transparent and immediate actions to address the aftermath.

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The Day Before Servers Shutting Down

Similar to what occurred during Fntastic’s shutdown, The Day Before’s scam accusations worsened, with people claiming that at this point, no apology will fix the damage. Some even suggested that the studio should be charged with fraud. Additional comments reflected frustration, skepticism, and accusations of deception.

Except for some players who were always suspicious about the game prior to its launch, The Day Before garnered significant excitement. The game was number 1 in Steam’s list of most popular upcoming titles, surpassing other games by more than double the number of followers.

At the end of controversies, accusations and so on, Fntastic is shutting down, along with The Day Before servers. The Day Before servers are shutting down at January 22, 2024. Until that time, players who didn’t refund game can enjoy their experience. If they are willing to, of course.

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