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The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Revealed

During the ESO 2024 Global Reveal livestream, the upcoming expansion from Zenimax Online, The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road was introduced. The new expansion will take place in the Colovian Highland and West Weald regions of Cyrodiil, last seen in The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, just east of the Gold Coast. The city of Skingrad, hinted at in the Greymoor Expansion, is also located in this region. According to the map revealed during the post-trailer discussion, a sizable area west of Cyrodiil’s PVP zone is being populated.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road Revealed

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Unveiled at ESO 2024 Global Reveal

The main enemy of the Golden Path is the Daedric Prince of the Paths, the Forgotten Prince Ithelia. Hermaeus Mora erased the Prince from existence because the god is said to be able to change fate and destiny. They seemed to hint that they appeared here, but they were only really mentioned in ESO. This is the first time Zenimax has created a truly new Daedric Prince blueprint; previously they had only worked with blueprints of those that already existed.

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Scribing, a spin on spellcrafting from the core series, will also be added to the section. Spellcrafting was originally planned to be a feature of ESO, but was shelved, possibly due to the difficulty of balancing it. A lot of players I know will be excited to see this come in some form. In fact, it seems to be more like skill customization. To use this system, you need to be the owner of the Golden Path chapter.
On June 3rd, 2024, The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road will release on PC. The game will be released for Xbox Series X|S and PS5 on June 18th.

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