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The Witcher 4 Development Progress Going Smoothly

CD Projekt Red has revealed that total of 403 developers are currently focusing on The Witcher 4 (Also known as Polaris) right now and the game is entering the production phase.

The Witcher 4 Development Progress Going Smoothly

The Witcher 4 is in Production Phase

The Witcher 4 marks the beginning of a new saga in the Witcher universe and is part of a planned trilogy of AAA RPG games. The Witcher 4 will be built on Unreal Engine 5, a departure from the RED Engine used in previous titles.

Pre production is underway, but the release date is at least three years away, with the studio emphasizing the need for extra effort due to technological advancements and engine transition. While the official title is yet to be announced, it’s commonly referred to as The Witcher 4 until further details emerge.

During CD Projekt’s fiscal year 2023 earnings conference, interesting revelations surfaced regarding the highly awaited Witcher 4 known internally as Polaris. It was disclosed that the game has now become the focal point of the company’s development efforts, set to transition into full-fledged production by the latter half of the year. Particularly noteworthy is the progress achieved by the Polaris development team, which currently boasts a roster of 403 developers, surpassing the anticipated size required for the production phase.

The Witcher 4 Development Progress Going Smoothly

As previously hinted by developers, The Witcher 4 won’t be another type of The Witcher 3. CD Projekt has also shared updates on other Witcher projects. The Witcher game Sirius is currently in the early pre production phase. Meanwhile, Canis Majoris, a Witcher remake by Fool’s Theory, remains in the conceptual stage, awaiting further development.

CD Projekt Red is currently focused on expanding the Witcher saga and promised multiple releases.

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