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[Leak] Capcom is Working on Resident Evil Code Veronica X Remake

Recent leak shows that Resident Evil Code Veronica X Remake is happening.

[Leak] Capcom is Working on Resident Evil Code Veronica X Remake

First Information about Resident Evil Code Veronica X Remake

After the release of Resident Evil 4 Remake, fans were desperately asking for Resident Evil Code Veronica X Remake. If we check on Resident Evil 4 Remake ending, that could be indicating that Resident Evil 5 Remake is most likely happen.

But it’s not the Remake that fans were asking and looks like Capcom heard the fans and started development progress of Resident Evil Code Veronica X Remake.

According to the one tester from Resident Evil Ambassador program, that tester played a small part of Resident Evil Code Veronica X Remake and shared the experience about it.

According to the leak, game starts where Claire remembers Raccoon City and we see explosion. Claire is searching for her brother and the game starts at Umbrella Corporation building. Player controls Claire as she goes in some offices and when escapes from guards, she’s captured and sent to Rockfort.

Prison area is vast, with many cells and guards room, when new character, Ricardo, lets her go, she encounters some millitary man in black suit, but he is killed by falling debris from explosion. Island is attacked, Claire escapes, but right at the end of prison section, she meets with Steve in cell, he ask her to let him out, Claire is hesitant, but decides that if he is against corporation, then he is no enemy.

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They together escape and enter some kind of safe room. Here player can freely switch from Claire to Steve. Player can explore the next areas as any character. Each character have their own set of skills. Claire is better with knifes and her aim is better and faster become a “point aim”.

[Leak] Capcom is Working on Resident Evil Code Veronica X Remake

Steve can fire with two guns at same time and running faster, but cannot mix herbs, can throw knife from distance at enemy. Claire is better with puzzles, can give player advice how to solve them and see hidden items sometimes.

Steve can use stealth and knows some passwords in complex. Demo end when player enters to the palace.

This leak is very exciting for Resident Evil fans, but keep that in mind that the demo we are talking about is very early version and most likely Capcom will change most of the things. And lastly, since we consider it as a leak, take these information with grain of salt.

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