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Tomb Raider Remastered Trilogy New Features Confirmed

Aspyr shared new features about Tomb Raider Remastered Trilogy.

Tomb Raider Remastered Trilogy New Features Confirmed

New Features for Tomb Raider Remastered Trilogy

Tomb Raider 1-2-3 Remastered was first announced in September at the Nintendo Direct event. During this announcement, it was revealed that Aspyr was developing the collection. Aspyr specializes in porting games and has decades of experience doing so, and even handled Tomb Raider 2’s MacOS port back in 1998.

Aspyr focused on gameplay and art, in order to improve upcoming Tomb Raider Remastered Trilogy. On the gameplay, this collection will introduce modern and classic control options, boss health bars, 3D item sprite replacements, achievements, a photo mode and few other things.

Regarding the art side, this collection will introduce real time lighting effects, new models, modernized environments, and a graphics toggle to switch between the modern and classic presentations. To make these art updates, Aspyr collaborated with Crystal Dynamics, the studio that develops modern Tomb Raider titles.

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Tomb Raider Remastered Trilogy New Features Confirmed

Aspyr further explained that the Tomb Raider 1-2-3 Remastered collection will keep Lara Croft’s iconic original design. The studio’s newest update is promising news for Tomb Raider fanatics, who will get to replay the legendary titles with a modern polish while still experiencing how the original games were meant to be played.

It looks like Tomb Raider Remastered Trilogy will offer a lot of things to classic Tomb Raider fans and we think fans will definitely be happy about this collection. Weapon wheel and more easy enemies are one of requests that fans were hoping to see and it looks like we will have to wait for these to be confirmed.

Tomb Raider Remastered Trilogy will be available on February 14 for Playstation, Xbox, Switch and PC.

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