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Top 5 Best New Films of 2022-2023

In this article, we have collected for you the Top 5 of the best new films that have already been released in good quality and which have not only an acceptable rating but which many of you have been waiting for. If you do not find a movie in the list that you have been waiting for for a long time, then do not worry, you can have a good time online by visiting a live online casino.

Well, now let’s move on to our list of the main new films of 2022-2023, which can already be viewed online!

Top 5 Best New Films

John Wick: Chapter 4

The first part of the franchise in four years, which collected over $ 400 million at the international box office.

In the fourth part, Pec stopped hiding, so he challenged the mysterious management to take off an order with a multimillion-dollar reward. This is an endless stream of inventive action scenes with a minimum number of dialogues.

Top 5 Best New Films - 1
Top 5 Best New Films

At times, the film is fascinating with interesting locations, angles, and techniques, but in fact, it’s still the same shooting as the previous films. In general, if you want to turn off your head and watch the fights and shooting ranges, then you will like this movie.

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To Catch A Killer

This is a detective thriller starring Shailene Woodley and Ben Mendelssohn. The plot develops around a series of murders taking place on New Year’s Eve in Baltimore.

The chief investigator of the FBI has no leads, and new victims may appear very soon. The detective connects a young and talented police officer to the investigation, who has already shown her professionalism and deep understanding of the killer’s character.

Top 5 Best New Films - 2
Top 5 Best New Films

Together they must catch the psychopath and prevent the next tragedy. “Misanthrope” aims at the elite of the genre, where, if desired, you can find echoes of “Zodiac” and “Memories of Murder”.


The events of the film take place in the last days of the Second World War. In the story, a former Finnish soldier finds a gold mine and protects the found gold from the Nazis.

The Germans decide to avenge their murdered colleagues and open a hunt for a mysterious man who, as they learn later, has nothing to lose. “Sisu” is a brutal action movie that seems to cross the historical conventions of “Inglourious Basterds” and the ingenuity of “Mad Max”.

Top 5 Best New Films - 3
Top 5 Best New Films

The project also boasts some of the most violent and resourceful action scenes of recent years, which can easily be put on a par with the best moments of “John Wick”.


This is a new work by the young Canadian director Curtis David Harder, who has put his hand to such projects as “Spiral” and “Out of Control”.

According to the plot, a blogger accustomed to life for the show goes on an advertising tour to one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. On the road, she meets a mysterious loner traveling the world. Together they go to the picturesque and deserted islands, where each of them reveals her dark secret.

Top 5 Best New Films - 4
Top 5 Best New Films

The film slowly builds momentum, and beckons with its opportunities to plunge into a place where you can forget about problems, find a person, and, perhaps, become who you always wanted. Only somewhere deep inside you need to remember that some may want to get your success by any means.


Another detective thriller, but this time from Robert Rodriguez starring Ben Affleck. In the center of the plot will be a policeman, who undertakes to investigate a series of crimes to find his missing daughter.

He assumes that the attackers responsible for the bank robbery are involved in the sudden disappearance of the child. A complex case plunges the hero deeper into a state of the unreality of what is happening and calls into question his principles and beliefs.

Top 5 Best New Films - 5
Top 5 Best New Films

Enlisting the support of a gifted psychic, the detective enters into a confrontation with a man who can give him the key to finding his daughter. Now he must reach the end, find his daughter, and stop the influential government elements at the head of the criminal structure.

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