Real or fake? Unrecord gameplay video causes controversy

Unrecord gameplay video, which is being produced by a small studio called Drama, caused controversy with its release.

With the release of the Unrecord video, it also caused a big debate in the game industry. Similar discussions had previously emerged in games such as the horror game ILL and The Days Before. But we can say that Unrecord is at a much different level with both its photorealistic style and the video released later.

Real or fake? Unrecord gameplay video causes controversy
Real or fake? Unrecord gameplay video causes controversy

Unrecord gameplay video brought controversy

DRAMA studio, the developer of the game, is developing this game with Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine. The first video released for Unrecord, which is described as a body camera FPS game, is really hard to separate.

For this reason, the production team, which released another video, has not been able to convince game lovers. Because many game lovers and independent game makers dealing with the Unreal graphics engine claim that the game cannot be real after watching this video. You can check out some information about the game and this gameplay video below. So what do you think? Do you think the game is real or are we facing a fake video?

According to the production team, Unrecord will take players on an immersive and story-driven tactical action experience. The game will feature complex dialogue, innovative gameplay mechanics, challenging moral dilemmas and a unique shooting system.

In the game, we will have to investigate various crime cases and face different characters. The game’s plot and presentation will be at the centre of the gameplay experience and players will encounter a series of gameplay sequences as well as numerous plot twists. The release date of the game is not yet known, but as we mentioned at the beginning, it is stated that it will be released soon, although it does not seem convincing to us.

Youı can find more details Steam page of the game.

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