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Valorant New Weapon Leaked

A major leaker revealed that Valorant New Weapon, Outlaw sniper rifle is coming to game soon.

Valorant New Weapon Leaked

Leak for Valorant New Weapon

The Outlaw was first leaked in October, which is an accident during a skin showcase. It was only seen in the game’s buy menu. The accidental reveal showed that the Outlaw costs 2,400 points, making it a mid tier sniper between the Operator (4,700 points) and the Marshal (950 points).

This addition to the popular FPS game’s arsenal of weapons could shake up Valorant’s current weapon meta. Ahead of the Outlaw’s potential release, leakers have shed some light on the mysterious weapon.

ValorLeaks shared that the Outlaw will debut with the launch of Valorant’s Episode 8, which is set to release on January 10. The new sniper will apparently fire two shots before needing to be reloaded and can eliminate a half armored opponent with a single bullet.

Valorant New Weapon Outlaw’s Stats

  • 238 damage to the head
  • 140 damage to the body
  • 119 damage to the legs
  • 2 bullet magazine size, with 10 bullets in reserve
  • 1.25s equip time
  • 80% running speed
  • 2.75 firerate
  • Costs 2,400 credits

Valorant New Weapon Leaked

Outlaw’s two bullet type is similar to Shorty, Valorant’s take on the double barreled shotgun, which similarly allows users to fire two separate shots before needing to be reloaded. In addition to this new weapon, many fans are also hoping for a new character to be added to Valorant’s agent pool sometime during Episode 8.

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Valorant’s last new added hero was Iso, who was introduced with Episode 7 Act 3 on October 31. Valorant usually adds a new hero every four to six months, so it’s possible that a new agent will be added during one of Episode 8’s Acts. However, an addition of this kind has not been confirmed yet.

Addittion to this leak, some Valorant dataminers also revealed that an agent codenamed SmokeDancer has also found in the game files. This is a Controller agent who possibly has smoke related abilities, which would likely change up the current meta of Valorant’s best team compositions.

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