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Valve Accidentally Released Early Version of Left 4 Dead

It looks like Valve has accidentally released early version of the first Left 4 Dead game.

Valve Accidentally Released Early Version of Left 4 Dead

Early Version of the Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead series is one of famous zombie killing games of all times. The franchise contains both PvE and PvP content for players who prefers the most.

Besides from Left 4 Dead, Valve has another shooter famous game, which is the Counter Strike. And this is where the accident happened. In the latest update made for Counter Strike 1.6, Valve accidentally included the early version of Left 4 Dead, called “Terror Strike”. And, as you may have guessed, PC gamers figured out how to launch and play it.

Now as you will see, this prototype version of Left 4 Dead is basically Counter-Strike with zombies. Terror Strike looks and plays similar to CS. So, don’t expect it to be similar to the final version of Left 4 Dead. Regardless of that, it can give you an idea of how Left 4 Dead actually started.

There are not any confirmation that this including made by on purpose or not and does Valve plans to remove it. These things are completely mystery for us.

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Aside from that, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this early version of Left 4 Dead. In January 2023, Valve leaked this map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. So, that’s two for two for Valve.

We will see what Valve planning to do but it’s good to see early version of Left 4 Dead once again.

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