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Why isn’t a new MGS game in development?

It’s been almost eight years since the last Metal Gear game with Kojima. Rumours of a new MGS game have been rumoured, then denied, but never materialised. In an article published on PCGamer, it was investigated why Hideo Kojima did not make a new MGS game.

According to Hideo Kojima, wars are not what they used to be. There is no need for soldiers. The battlefields are dominated by drones, mercenaries and corporations.

Why doesn’t Kojima develop a new MGS game?

Of course, the first reason for this is that Konami owns the rights to the brand. However, there is also the producer’s point of view on the subject. Although he kept silent for a while after leaving Konami, he started to break this silence.

In his explanations, although there was technology in previous MGS games, they were managed by humans. The producer states how far unmanned warfare has gone, especially considering the robots produced by Boston Dynamics, and that it is as if technology companies meet on the battlefield.

We saw examples of this in the recent Ukraine – Russia war. It was a war that revolved around drones or UCAVs. On the other hand, almost all modern military devices are managed by computers. Probably, the famous director has in mind that science fiction elements may be a thing of the past for the MGS series and therefore may have come to an end.

Why doesn't Kojima develop a new MGS game ?
Why doesn’t Kojima develop a new MGS game?

The last time we saw Solid Snake, he was an aging soldier. Even though he’s a soldier who prioritises stealth in order to figure things out, it’s quite possible that he could fall behind these technologies. Therefore, Kojima seems to think that it would be better not to make one at all than to make a bad one.

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