Xbox Credit Cards are on the way

Later September, Xbox Credit Cards planned to be released. Issued by Barclays, the Xbox MasterCard is a method for gamers to earn more value for gaming by providing different perks that cardholders can take advantage of to improve their overall gaming experience.

Xbox Credit Cards are on the way

Xbox Credit Cards will be released later September

The Xbox team prioritize players, especially with the Xbox Game Pass updates. While players will be able to get their hands on Xbox MasterCard, it shows that Xbox is planning unique ways to maximize player accesibility when it comes to gaming on the platform. Xbox Credit Cards currently can only be obtained by those in the Xbox Insider Program.

With the Xbox MasterCard credit card, players can earn card points with everyday purchases to redeem on games such as the newly released Starfield and add ons on the Xbox store. While this process may feel similar to the Microsoft Rewards Points program that’s currently being offered to Xbox players, these two programs are separate and do not conflict with each other. The Xbox MasterCard acts as another method for players to earn points simultaneously.

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Dave McCarthy, CVP of Xbox player services, states that the Xbox MasterCard will be available to Xbox Insiders in the United States starting on September 21, with availability to all US Xbox players coming in 2024. A majority of the time, Xbox Insiders primarily test new features coming to the platform. The rate players can earn points for every $1 spent on the Xbox MasterCard is shown below.

Xbox MasterCard Point Rates

  • Xbox & Microsoft – Earn 5x card points on eligible products at the Microsoft Store.
  • Streaming Services – Earn 3x card points on eligible streaming services like Netflix and Disney+.
  • Dining Delivery Services – Earn 3x card points on eligible dining delivery services like Grubhub and DoorDash.
  • Everyday purchases – Earn 1x card points on all other everyday purchases.

To many, it’s clear that with this new addition of Xbox MasterCard, the company has adopted a “player first” mindset. Players have seen this with how successful Xbox Game Pass is. Xbox MasterCard holders will also receive the following benefits along with their card.

Xbox Credit Cards are on the way

Xbox MasterCard Benefits

  • A bonus of 5,000 card points (a $50 value) after their first purchase.
  • Three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for new Game Pass members after their first purchase. If they’re already a Game Pass member, they can easily gift it to a friend to play together.
  • Choice of one of five iconic designs for their card, with the option of personalizing it with their gamertag.
  • Flexibility of use with contactless payments and digital wallets.
  • Free online access to card members’ FICO Credit Score, which allows users to keep an eye on their credit score and receive alerts when their score has changed.
  • $0 Fraud Liability protection, so card members are not responsible for charges they didn’t authorize.

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Xbox takes a page from Sony’s book as Playstation has its own card currently being offered to players. With some of the same services being offered, only the player base will be able to tell if the Xbox MasterCard is worth it or not.

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