Xbox Game Pass referral program

Microsoft made a new announcement about the Xbox Game Pass referral program. So what advantages does it offer?

We can say that Microsoft’s biggest trump card right now is the Game Pass system. The company, which is at the focus of criticism about the special game, announced a new system called Xbox Game Pass PC friend referral program. So what does this system do?

Xbox Game Pass referral program announced

If we roughly explain the system, as the name suggests, we can say that it is based on recommending the Game Pass system to your friends. If you recommend the Game Pass system to your friend and the invited person accepts this recommendation, they get a 14-day free trial.

Xbox Game Pass referral program
Xbox Game Pass referral program

You can send this invitation to up to five people and let each of them use the 14-day trial. Of course, it is also stated that the 14-day free trial period will not be offered to returning Game Pass subscribers.

As you know, Microsoft recently ended the one-month trial period program for new subscribers for one dollar. After the end of this system that has existed for years, we can say that the company has started to put different systems in place for new users.

Microsoft’s new invitation program was activated with the Redfall game by Arkane. The game released today was added to the Game Pass system on the first day and although it has problems, it has co-op support for up to four people. With this co-op system, Microsoft probably tried to attract users’ attention to the system.

In this 14-day trial version, of course, you can try all the games in the Game Pass library as well as all the games included in the EA Play membership.

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