Xbox Layoffs Continues

Xbox continues layoffs in the video game industry. The chain of layoffs came to light when former Xbox Culture Lead Jessie Thomas learned that she was laid off while on vacation.

Xbox Layoffs Continues

Xbox Layoffs Continue: Signals of Recession in the Video Game Industry

Without citing any sources, industry analyst Tom Warren claims that more layoffs are imminent. Microsoft’s recent closure of studios such as Alpha Dog Studios and Tango Gameworks does not bode well for the company’s portfolio. The process, which began in January and continued with the layoff of 1,900 employees, preceded the closure of Bethesda subsidiaries.

For Xbox fans, the year started with a promising Xbox Showcase, but now the spotlight has turned to games largely developed by outside studios and the potential impact of layoffs on projects like “Project Latitude”. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier made this even clearer, hinting at more layoffs as part of a “broad cost-cutting initiative that is still unfinished”. Schreier underlines the accuracy of Tom Warren’s reports.

Xbox’s strategies, as well as the fact that Microsoft’s attempt to buy Activision has so far not had the expected impact, could change with Black Ops 6 being uploaded directly to Game Pass. However, this has been called into question by the recent spate of studio closures, despite some successes of buying small studios in bulk. These closures raise concerns for the ability of creative individuals in the industry to stay in business.

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