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Apple TV through the eyes of the gamer

Apple TV is a digital media player and microconsole developed and sold by Apple Inc. It is a small device that connects to a television and allows users to stream content from various services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many more.

How Apple TV changed the gaming world?

For us gamers, the act of watching television has taken a very strange turn in last decades. Thanks to the unlimited content potential offered by the internet and especially the social media world, we have officially stopped looking at the televisions that we could not leave before. Of course, this cannot be for everyone.

Ultimately, each person and the things they like may be different. However, we can say that most of us now watch broadcasts such as YouTube or Twitch, or follow their favorite TV series and movies, rather than watching television. Especially lately, we have become very alienated from television because the channels in our country only appeal to the mainstream and have become seriously ‘suffocating’.

Apple TV

Apple, Amazon, Google and similar companies have taken out their own ‘black boxes’ in recent years and started to respond to this ‘call for help’ of us players and all people in general. Thanks to these black boxes, we can now watch any channel supported by tvOS, not the mainstream media, on the television in our living room.

What can we watch?

As a news channel, we can cite CNN as an example. Or, if the news is not rolling anymore, you can get Netflix, which is supported by tvOS, and watch the TV series and movies you want. Personally, I like to open YouTube on the computer and watch my favorite channels while playing Final Fantasy XIV on PlayStation 4.

Why not make it more efficient with Apple TV?

Of course, this may yet seem like a luxury, and perhaps it is. But does he deserve the money he receives for his service? Definitely. We can have Apple TV not only for watching TV series, movies or similar broadcasts, but also for playing games. Sometimes I look at the games for iOS and say, “I had to play this with a controller on the big screen”. This is also possible on Apple TV with tvOS operating system.

Thanks to its stylish and touch-sensitive remote control, it also allows you to play games easily. Although it stands out with its similarity to the Nintendo Wii’s controller, it impresses with its black and glossy design.

Apple TV Movies

If the controller that the device has is not ergonomic enough for you to play games, you can have various controllers developed specifically for Apple TV. Famous gaming equipment developers such as SteelSeries are developing fully supported game controllers for Apple TV. It’s nice that the device has such a capability as the controller alone won’t be enough for some players.

While Apple TV doesn’t support all Apple Arcade games, there are plenty of titles to find. Don’t forget to take a look at the guide we prepared about Apple Arcade.

So what games does tvOS support? Of course, it supports small-scale games like Subway Surfers that we play on the phone. However, it also has successful games that have been brought exclusively for tvOS or that we play on popular game platforms. We have listed the remarkable games that the system has for you:

Apple TV Games


Transistor, which was released by Supergiant Games after Bastion and achieved great success, was highly appreciated with its action/rpg style strategic gameplay. In the game, we control Red, who has lost his voice and is trying to solve the mysterious situation he is in. Apart from its beautiful story and simple gameplay, Transistor also has wonderfully composed music. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try it on classic gaming platforms, you can play it on tvOS supported Apple TV.



Oceanhorn, which has very good user ratings on Steam, comes up with a gameplay in the style of Nintendo’s legendary series Legend of Zelda. With its interesting story and role-playing elements, it drags us into dungeons that are difficult to get out of. If you want to relax for an hour after dinner, Oceanhorn is the game for you. Although that one hour can turn from one to five hours, but you got me.


Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live, the last game of the Guitar Hero series, which has perhaps the most popular place among rhythm games, has also made its debut on Apple TV. Unlike the old games, in order to play Guitar Hero Live, where you can play the song you want without going too far, of course, you also need the guitar set that the game normally requires. However, if you don’t own a console and have an Apple TV, this is a good opportunity to play Guitar Hero Live.

Guitar Hero Live


In this game, we shape various objects floating in the air with the touchpad on our remote and make various shapes on the wall. Although it may seem like a very simple idea, believe me, you can’t understand how time flies.



You must have heard this name. Badland, one of the most popular games on iOS and Android, offers a nice platform/adventure experience. It will be more fun to play Badland, which offers an interesting adventure experience with its different gameplay, on a big TV in the middle of the hall. Because unlike other simple platform games, Badland has really nice graphics.


I have listed some good games of Apple TV for you. For more, you can check the AppStore. More and more applications and games are being added to the applications and games supported by tvOS, and Apple TV is turning into a more detailed and robust entertainment tool day by day. You can reach Apple TV, which is sold at a price of 149 GBP.

You can find more details on the official page of Apple.

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