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Copperfields Demo Hits Steam

3Hills Studio has kicked off the year by releasing a captivating gameplay trailer and launching an official Demo of Copperfields on Steam, marking a significant step forward for the indie game developer. The game swiftly captured the interest of the gaming community, securing over 500 wishlists during its debut at the first Game Festival weekend, signaling a promising start for the title.

Copperfields Demo Hits Steam: A New Adventure Begins

Copperfields immerses players in a post-apocalyptic world where a lush ecosystem has overtaken a once thriving robot metropolis. Players find themselves in the shoes of a protagonist who is both lost and searching for their purpose. The gameplay emphasizes exploration and puzzle-solving, inviting players to traverse the verdant ruins of Copperfields, dodging dangers while engaging with the environment’s intricate mechanics.

Copperfields Demo Hits Steam: A New Adventure Begins
Copperfields Demo Hits Steam: A New Adventure Begins

Drawing inspiration from critically acclaimed games such as “Rain World” and “Inside,” Copperfields offers a unique blend of fast-paced exploration and thoughtful puzzle-solving. Players will navigate through dense foliage and abandoned infrastructures, utilizing the remnants of the robotic city to overcome challenges that lie in their path.

The Steam demo provides a sneak peek into the game’s universe, introducing players to its storyline and the initial challenges they will face in Copperfields. This early look highlights the game’s rich, mechanical landscapes and the mysterious overgrowth that players will navigate, showcasing the team’s dedication to creating an immersive and visually striking experience.

As the first indie venture by 3Hills Studio, Copperfields demonstrates the team’s high ambitions, especially considering the Demo was developed in just six months. The studio is committed to enriching the game, promising regular updates to the demo, including new features that will further enhance the player’s experience.

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