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EA Play subscription price drop

For a limited time, the monthly EA Play subscription price drop welcomes the first-time subscribers. The price has been reduced to 0.8 GBP with an 80% discount. If you have not tried the service, which has many remarkable productions in its library, we recommend you not to miss this opportunity.

EA Play subscription price drop makes gamers happy

EA Play is a good alternative to the subscription services offered to gamers by Electronic Arts. It was previously divided into EA Access and Origin Access for PC and consoles. However, the publisher combined the two of it under the EA Play in August 2020. Origin Access Premier was named EA Play Pro.

EA Play subscription price drop makes gamers happy

You may access a library of games from popular IPs such as Battlefield, FIFA, Madden NFL, The Sims, and more with an EA Play membership. As long as your membership is current, you can play these games as often as you like. Members also get access to special in-game challenges, perks, and material.

You can play the following game upto 10 hours:

Subscribers to EA Play also receive a 10% discount on all EA digital purchases, including entire games, expansions, and in-game goods. Users may also use early access trials to check out new EA games before they are published to the general public.

You shouldn’t miss the opportunity on Steam

If you haven’t tried the EA Play subscription service yet, you can register on Steam until March 8, 2023 to get the monthly subscription at a discounted price of 0.8 GBP. When the renewal time comes, you will have to pay 3.99 GBP. If you wish to purchase the service on an annual basis, you will need to pay GBP 19.99.

You can reach to EA Play Subscription price drop page on Steam.

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