First Black Ops 6 Trailer Released

Recently, the first teaser content allegedly from Black Ops 6, the highly anticipated new game in the Call of Duty series, has surfaced. This mysterious teaser was presented via a new website called “”. The site is full of confusing and remarkable features. Users are greeted with a “found footage” style video of a retro television screen that looks like a CCTV monitor.

First Black Ops 6 Trailer Released

First Black Ops 6 Trailer is Here

In the video, unidentified agents drive through a federal district at night, which is later identified as Mount Rushmore. As they silently vandalize the monument in the dark of night, they hang banners on the faces of Mount Rushmore that read “truth lies”. Also, the fourth banner features the wolf symbol, which appears to announce the upcoming release of Call of Duty.

Teaser Review and Easter Eggs

When you turn off the screen using the TV’s power button, foreboding, pulsating music is heard in the background, but this does not provide much information to the viewer. Flipping through the channels on the TV reveals that there are six channels in total. This could be a nod to the “Black Ops” series, or it could indicate that five more teasers are still to come.

By pressing the “REC” button on the site, it is possible to download the currently playing video and share it on social media platforms. This is a nice feature that ensures the content reaches a wide audience. However, when we examine the source code of the page, we do not find much information and the site does not have any other important content.

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