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Games With Active Gameplay For Three Players That You Should Try

The gaming industry is multifaceted, but sometimes you need to filter projects so as to leave certain conditions for a specific number of participants.

It’s not a lot of projects for three people, but at the same time it’s enough, especially when you consider that some of them and the rest of the players in the lobby can be replaced with artificial intelligence and play quite well, or just ignore their slot and play with just three of them.

Games With Active Gameplay For Three Players That You Should Try - 1

Destiny 2

The project from the Bungie company offers players a unique concept of MMO RPG, shooter and space exploration, which can be played by different groups and the optimal composition is just three players.

The reason is simple – there are three active characters in the game who can perform basic tasks and if you combine each of them, you can go through all the content and updates, go to raids and strikes and do destiny 2 boost to get through to the Lightfall update and continue your journey to Neptune as part of the expansion of the storyline.

You can choose one of three heroes:

  • Titan is a defender and marksman who can either provide cover for his comrades and himself, or fire, or use his steel fists to attack enemies who dare to get too close.
  • Warlock is a marksman and a hero of mass attacks and support at the same time. If you wish, you can choose the path of attack and inflict strong magical attacks in addition to shooting, or set up special zones in which all allies will receive health regeneration and strengthening, and enemies, on the contrary, will be weakened.
  • Hunter is the third hero, who fully concentrates only on attacking and firing from long distances under the cover of the Titan and Warlock. If necessary, the hunter can switch to knife fighting, but it is better not to allow this, since his main profile is ranged attacks. If necessary, you can also use grenades for damage and smoke screening.

You will be able to go through the storyline all together and study the reasons why enemies attacked the earth and are trying to destroy all life, while all the heroes join the battle to prevent this. Then you will gradually go on the offensive and begin to destroy not only ordinary enemies, but also leaders and commanders, weakening your opponents.

Thanks to the fact that you are playing with three players, you will almost never have problems with equipment and improving it, because although you are not without problems, you will be able to clear most raids and strikes, and this is where all the most valuable items are obtained, or by at least intermediate ones that will help in gameplay for your group.

Raids and strikes are trips to dungeons where bosses and their guards live. Your task is to learn to quickly figure out their most dangerous techniques, be able to avoid them and consistently deal damage, reducing the enemy’s health and reducing the load on the tank and healer at the first opportunity. The enemy should not attack anyone other than the tank.

Raids will give you unique gameplay and will help you get D2 boost in one of the shortest ways, because bosses are considered strengthened monsters and the experience from them is increased.

Games With Active Gameplay For Three Players That You Should Try - 2


This is a session shooter in the battle royale genre, which is designed for single play or groups of any number of up to 4 people.

If you play with three players, you will be up against the same units, which means everyone will be on equal terms.

You will land anywhere on the map without weapons or ammunition and must find them in battles or during a search. Everyone except the members of your squad are enemies, and they need to be destroyed in order to get closer to the top 1 status on the server.

Gradually, the playing area will become smaller, forcing all players to shift to take into account the new conditions – this is done so that no one sits on the sidelines in the middle of the match for the top 1. Usually the most striking battles occur at the very beginning, in the battle for the most valuable ammunition replenishment points and weapons and at the end, when the groups are drawn together for the final battle, colliding in battle in the most unexpected places.

Try to always stock up on long-range weapons and assault rifles with good scopes – they will help you quickly identify enemies and destroy them before your combat group enters into a full-fledged battle with them. You need grenades to knock opponents out of cover and smoke screens to get out from under fire if necessary.

Keep first aid kits on hand to restore your health – even on the run, if necessary, and don’t waste stimulants. If you find yourself in a situation where the combat zone suddenly shifts to an unfavorable part of the map and a strong lag will cause you to lose a lot of health, or even die, then use stimulants to speed up all movement and quickly leave the zone to get into accessible territory.

Always look for transport, but be alert, because although this is a fast way of moving, it is also dangerous, especially if the enemy has mastered ballistics and sniper shooting at a target in motion, then you can easily die behind the wheel without even understanding where the bullet came from.

If you are a fan of realism and do not want to use the legal method of simplified viewing, then only go to matches with the mode exclusively in first person, otherwise switching can cause you to look around corners and even buildings.

All participants in the match will receive rewards, but the more kills, survival time and approach to victory, the more special coins you can receive.

For them, you can buy and open cases that will bring unique decorations for your hero.

There will be skins for all types of weapons and various elements of the uniform, both military and simply interesting, or even event ones, if the sets are issued in honor of some event, for example the new year, or the release of a new thematic map.

Skins can be sold, transferred and exchanged, except for unique ones that are issued for certain events – you won’t be able to make money on this type of decorations and customizations.

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